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It corresponds to 1/144 Gundam. Using clear parts, reproduce the image in the play.
– Various joint parts and supporter parts are included. It is also possible to reproduce in the play such as funnel launch depending on the recombination.
– It is also possible to simultaneously display Gundams of HG body.
– To the specification which can be assembled without the driver.

– accessories
جâهل Base parts جؤ‰غس 1
جâهل Support strut parts جؤ‰غس 1
جâهل Various joint parts
جâهل Other support parts

– Product content
جâهل Molded product جؤ‰غس 3
جâهل Instruction manual جؤ‰غس 1

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Berat0.5 kg
Dimensi31.5 × 19 × 5 cm