[PO] Chogokin Char’s ZAKU II Hello Kitty

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ETA: 2-3 bulan dari jadwal release (by sea)

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[Hello Kitty], [Mobile Suit Gundam] and [Chogokin] meet each other. A super alloy of that aircraft image coloring appears!!

-[Mobile Suit Gundam], which celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2019, and [Hello Kitty], which celebrated its 45th anniversary, are now in a variety of confrontations throughout the year.
-Appears in [Gundam] [Char’s Zaku II] coloring based on [Chogokin Hello Kitty]!
-Kitty changes into [Amuro] and [Char] and gets on a new walk !!
-[Chogokin Hello Kitty] is represented by [MS-06S Char’s Zaku II] design and coloring.
-Kitty mini-figure included is based on [Char Aznable].
-Die cast for heavy weight and cool feel. Display is possible even in sitting mode.
-Press the cockpit switch to change the eyes to 3 mode.
-The cockpit hatch is deployed with a switch. Attached mini figure can be boarded.

– set content
・ Body
・ Exclusive pedestal
・ Minifigure
・ Aquatic and air parts


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