HG OO Gundam High Grade Double O

Manufacturer: BANDAI

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The concept of [style-over action attracted], when the active image setting · TV
Then, adopted the new poly cap.
Realize the expansion of range of motion reproduction and ideal proportions.
– GN Drive shoulder in posing during flight, leading to backup demostrate base frame
In moving up and down, moving to flexible.
– Adopted a new mechanism [swing action] crotch indirectly, of the rotation around the center of gravity when moving up and down the legs of
Move more smoothly.
– Part of the shoulder mechanism using a ball joint, flexible reproduce the various action poses.
– Assembly structure was conscious of some users paint faction.
– GN Sword II is due to the rotation replacement, reproduce the form rifle sword form.
– Legs, arms, the lens material is reproduced with clear parts.
– Comes with foil seal for some parts smack of Kimepozu expression determined, details of color reproduction.
– Armed accessories: GN Sword II × 2

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