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– Heavily researched, the RG Strike Freedom is the most realistic depiction so far.
– Advanced MS Joint allows for a huge range of motion and quicker assembly.
– Reproduce the look of the metal joints using realistic decals.
– Gold Advanced MS Joint
Designed to replicate the Strike Freedom’s characteristic gold inner frame, this is the first RG kit to have a gold-colored inner frame!
– Expandable Super DRAGOON Weapon Wing System!
The largest element of the Strike Freedom, the Super DRAGOON system has been reproduced in exact detail according to research done for this Suit, and the interior frame has been molded in gold for an accurate build.
– Beam Shield
Beam Shield reproduced with clear parts.
– High-Energy Beam Rifles
High-Energy Beam Rifles can combine to form Long-Range Beam Rifle.
– Xiphias 3 Rail Cannons
Waist-mounted Rail Cannons are equipped with deployment gimmick.

– Accessories: Beam Rifle x2, Beam Saber x2, Beam Shield, Movable Hand (Left and Right),
Grip Manipulator(Left and Right), Action-Based Joint,

Belanja kebutuhan model kit di QLAF GRADE dijamin buat Hati Damai , Pikiran Tenang.
Klo beli di QLAF GRADE itu AFTER SALESnya dijamin mantap, binggung ama produknya tinggal konsultasi saja , tante bakalan tuntun sampai bisa.
PACKING PAKETnya pun SUPER AMAN DAN RAPI, dibungkus pakai cinta. So, beli Supply & Tools Model kit Hanya di QLAF GRADE – Official Store Wahkhilaf.

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