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– Duel Gundam Assault Shroud recreated as a Master Grade!
– The second in the SEED Remaster series, the Duel Gundam is designed on the versatile X100 frame system!
– Simple assembly provides the maximum range of motion with a minimum number of parts.
– Completely redesigned for the Remaster series of MGs.
– Reproduce the attachable Assault Shroud gimmick!
– Cockpit hatch opens and closes, and cockpit internals are detailed.
– Yzak Joul figures included- sitting and standing
– Designed using exclusive blueprints for this Master Grade kit.

– Accessories: Shield, 57mm High-Energy Rifle with 175mm Grenade Launcher,
Shiva 115mm Rail Gun, 250mm 5-Barrel Missile Pod, 350mm Bazooka, Saber x2

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